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Thread: Mental Cunts Fighting Championship

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    mad cunts mental fighting champioship

    mad cunts only fight in cages, car parks, taxi ranks, main streets and clubs burnzie mate

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    MCMFC - it's a mouthful, but I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stef View Post
    it's a mouthful, but I like it.

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    Ah this was one of my best business venture ideas. I might have to be careful with divulging too many details as i did pitch the idea to forum Dictator Over Lord Boylan. He seemed genuinely interested and may have dibs.

    Mad Cunts Mental Fighting Championships (add or remove words were appropriate for a more suitable acronym)

    1. The participants are to have no fighting ability whatsoever beyond taxi rank battles and scuffles outside of kebab shops. First person to display any head movement footwork or defensive ability is dqed and fed to the baying crowd.

    2. Rounds will be 1min long with 5mins rests, to encourage the throwing of spectacular maddies. Fights will be interspersed between these rest periods so the blood hugry crowd will be treated to a conveyer belt of madness.

    3. Mandatory drug taking will take place to ensure all partcipants are on every concievable performance enhacing drug. On special events hallucinogens will also be provided.

    4. As a half time entertainment piece a skinny man in underwear will have a bag of enraged ferrets dropped over him.
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    Heir Boylan, make it happen

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    If there is a DJ required for the show , i defo fit the bill ha
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    Women fighters have to be topless, that will sell the tickets. Compulsory yashmak for ugly ones.
    Mike "the mic" Persil

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    Wait a minute. Just had a call from Art Davey - he's already trade marked MCMFC and will be putting his first show on with Kimbo Slice headlining it
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