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Thread: Rap Battle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stef View Post
    This could be the most humiliating thing I ever do, but in the spirit of the thread....

    Another motherfucker wanna front, that the plan?
    Best believe you take your motherfuckin' life in your hands
    If y'all punch, kick or choke me I might die
    But not before I ram this motherfucking pen in your Jap's eye
    First off, why would my dick be in the palm of your hand?
    Unless you've just admitted you like fondling people in the shape of a man?
    Stepping into this arena, you'll get Rocked if you're Walking Tall,
    I'm talking war - I got big kahunas but not as big as Cris Cyborgs balls.
    Coffee drinker, prefer Pepsi and I'm kind of a big deal.

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    I'm a stone cold track killa,
    far from this motherfucker Vanilla,
    back again on this freestyle thing,
    I don't need no whip, no gun, no bling.
    The baddest MC doin this forum thing,
    I let this motherfuckin web thread, be my ring,
    I spit venom with my rhymes that'll leave more than a sting,
    I'm on my grind, like lebron, still aint got no ring.
    McVeigh told me dem cage fighters get bitches,
    thats why they do it, not for fame, not ritches
    So why am I here?, lemmi be blunt,
    Like the big Homie Meat, I'm here to "see cunt!"
    Oh shit, he did it,
    but that's how it go,
    The slickest kid with that white boy flow,
    Jumpin on this shit and stealin the show.
    I'm a puzzle that needs a muzzle, I'm known to bite,
    May look like a geek, but I know how to fight
    I'm the problem, like in ice ice baby, yall need to solve it
    Open jaw, step to me, I'll let my left hook revolve it.
    Boats and Hoes.

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    am slim shady
    the real slim shady
    all you other slim shadys
    are just cunts

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    Doolan just nailed it dead. Exquisite.

    The Hands
    "Try masturbating during a thunderstorm. Seriously. It makes you feel like Thor."

    Here Come Da Pain......

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    Fabulous work by Disco and Carpet

    Step to me you know you cannot take this,
    Shave off your moustache you look like a rapist
    Face this you faceless motherfucker
    that screen name hides an obese dong lover.

    Posting all day trying to get fighters to bite,
    still living with yours olds smeared in your own shite.
    That aint a pretty picture yo you need the check,
    the one from reality, best protect ya neck.

    Cause one day these guys will find out where you live,
    run up on you, hide your wife and your kids
    18 hours a day on warcraft and that game of thrones book,
    wont help when your caught in a reverse heel hook.

    Im a zoolander looking motherfucker been known to pout.
    Dissed by fools who say connor knocked me out
    That could never happen he aint got no clout
    Hes been training with Craig Docherty and still cant land a glove on me.
    MMA Strength, Conditioning and Awesomeness Blog- UPDATED 8/2/11 Random Musings prior to actual content

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    You shouldn't a said that, now you're gonna get it,
    I'm gonna knock ya out again, but man don't sweat it,
    Once I lay you out, they're gonna call me "slapper",
    Cause then they're gonna watch me slap my donger off yer napper...

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    ohhhh shit just got real.

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    Oh my god I don't believe it
    Mark Conner got brave
    Unfortunately for him I think he's dug his own grave.
    McVeigh will be coming with wild fists and a stauner
    Mark Conner.... You're gonna need hauners!

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