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Thread: What are the Funniest/worst/best heckles you've had as reffs?

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    Default What are the Funniest/worst/best heckles you've had as reffs?

    Just a fun thread for you reffs :-D

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    Thanks Ricky, well quite a few I suppose.
    I will add to the thread as I remember them, not all heckles some just crazy moments also.

    I can tell you that when I first started Refereeing, particulalrly in the North East there were many fighters and spectators who didnt give a flying fuck what the Referee said, times were hard lol. You had to be able to handle yourself to Referee up there then!

    I have seen the cage door fly open mid fight as the fighters hit it, they both flew out the cage 6 feet or so onto a table full of drinks. They were ok and we restarted the fight.

    I saw a girlfriend get into the cage once with her handbag battering away with it to get to her injured boyfriend.

    Streakers, piss heads etc getting into the cage, the list goes on!

    Probably lots of things but theres a start, I will return with more! lol
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    People will tell you, I dont tolerate anything at all now, particulalry cornerteams and somme fighters. They all know not to bother trying it on with me as it is just not worth it! lol
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    Cool............i had a heckler once....there was this raffle and some lady won a food hamper, i took a pot of humus off the top and someone in the crowd shouted "you fat bastard".........i responded with the classic line "i'm only fat because every time i fucked your mother she fed me a cookie" the venue erupted haha

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    Well having a "cage invader" in a main event of a UFC is about as prolific as it gets I think! A naked streaker was very novel too. Heckled - not so much, had a very over inflated dad very recently tell me I was shit and that it "was bollocks he never tapped" he being his son. The lads coach informed him that he only tapped the four times.......he sat down after that.

    So many more amusing stories from travels round the world too. I will save for a book one day!
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