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Thread: When would you have stopped it ?

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    Default When would you have stopped it ?

    I appreciate were not in there with the lights, adrenaline, looking into the fighter eyes etc but this was one of those rare high profile bouts where I was shouting at the screen like a weirdo for the ref to stop it, when on the onscreen clock would you have stopped it ? :-

    me, 3min 34sec

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    ideally 3m 34, definately by 3m 32

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    Based on what I can see there from that angle, and watching on a laptop screen and bearing in mind it is different when you are in there live, I wouldnt argue with 3m 34.
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    wow yes agreed with Neil & unfitone holy shit
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    i think the guy was given ample time to "intelligently defend himself and i would say that the ref was giving the fighter the opportunity to do something about the situation..guy on back is still trying to defend at 3.34 and tries to turn to his side at 3.32.....i would say 3.32 would have been a sufficent stoppage as he turned into the punches and wasnt defending intelligently!..

    its difficult to really judge and everyones oppinion on the best stoppage is going to be different!

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    Watching it again in daytime hours i.e. when not half asleep lol, I think, 3 m 34 would be accpetable, 3m ,32 would be absolute.
    2 seconds can make a big difference. Anyone who Referees will know it is not an easy job generally.
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    agree with 3.34
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    That was brutal ground and pound and brutally bad refereeing imo.

    I'm all for giving professional fighters the 'benefit of the doubt' in situations where they're fighting for their livelihoods (see: Kongo vs. Barry) but this was incompetent.

    King Mo thinks as much too. I posted a couple of his quotes on the Your MMA Facebook the other day:

    "Let [Winslow] fight 'Cyborg,' and let's do a late stoppage with her. I watched her almost get Jan Finney killed by 'Cyborg.' I think maybe the tables need to be turned. Put me in there as a ref, and I'll just do a terrible job like her."
    "I looked at her, so I kept on hitting him. I was like, 'Man, she needs to stop this thing.' I heard people in the crowd yelling, 'Stop it!' Then she jumps in all late."

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