My top three

11 yrs old i accidently set a neighbours pidgeon loft on fire, destroyed the loft and most of his champion racing pidgeons, i knew it was bad when one flew out on fire.

14 yrs old. battered a golfer. Long story, my mate Billy shat in the 15th hole at mouse valley golf course we hid in a bush watching as a guy putted and then went to get his ball. He heard us laughing started hitting billy with his putter and a mass brawl took place which resulted in one of the golfers going for a wee nap.

17. Stole my mums car and crashed it.After driving around for about an hour i crashed into a parked car 100 yards from my house becasue i took my hands off the steering wheel to wave and my mate burd. Nightmare.

Feel so much better getting that off my chest.