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Thread: Worst thing you did as a kid

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    Quote Originally Posted by c-money View Post
    sold crack and pcp.
    you know what that stuff does to kids?
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Had hunners of unprotected sex with underage girls?
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    all you dudes bumming monkeys..thats how aids started

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    I smacked a kid in the face with a gameboy, one of those old school bad boys from the 90s, in my defence he started the fight...

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    I was getting chased by my mate with a snowball once, ran across a junction were a guy knocked me over his bonnet with a motor, didn't hurt so I kept on running. 100 yards down the road I slipped on a bit of ice and fell smashing my dome, my mate then took his opportunity to smash me in the face with the big solid snowball, as I was lying in agony, some dude ran up and started kicking fuck out of me. Turns out it was the guy in the car that hit me. He shit himself when he hit me so he decided to batter me!

    It was a bad day in my young life.

    My mates little brother used to shit on his hand and throw it at people, nothing to do with this, just thought I'd add that.
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    Slightly different, worst thing I ever did as a kid was snap my banjo string when I was about 14, tore it right back to the wood! Actually making me feel sick writing this.
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    Aye, I'm sticking to that story.
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    Cool thread.

    When I was a kid I threw some poo at the kid who was with us on a family day out somewhere.

    Took a chair out from under my friends backside just as he went to sit on it, causing him to crash on the floor making the class laugh.

    Sat on a school hall dinner table with a few others. Unscrewed a salt pot, put it back only for some fat fuck to pick up the salt to salt his chips, goes to pour the salt on only to find the top drops on his chips along with a big gush of salt.

    Kicked a fat kid in the stomach using the crane kick in Karate kid

    Kicked a girl in the fanny

    Faked being ill to get out of going to school

    Stuck 2 fingers up at mum

    Stuck 2 fingers up at my cousin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    ....Stuck 2 fingers up my cousin
    Fixed it for ya

    Doesn't have a signature anymore

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