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I was a horrible cunt when I was young..i was in an out of young offenders prisons from 14yrs

I broke into the school an nicked all the computers.
I burned the school down
Shot at a police car (real gun)
Stole a car an kidnapped a kid who was a grass..(not the cleverest idea to do it in the town center with about 200 witnesses)
Beat an robbed various people.
While in prison I had a kitchen job, lasted about a week then I got sacked,an twatted for chasing a screw with a knife.
Stole a police car.
Stole a car an tryed to rob a post office. This incedent was the end of my criminal activates,I came sooo close to serving 7-10 yrs for armed robbery. Luckily for me the police caught me before I could do the deed.howether I got 2yrs for conspiracy to armed rob. That was when I thought fuck it I've had enuff. I was 18 my reign of terror lasted 4yrs. I fell bad for my poor mum,an people who got hurt but I wouldnt change a thing!!!

Daaam that does feel good to get out!
That's all fine, but its no 'Monkey Bumming' is it ?