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Thread: Worst thing you did as a kid

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    got in a lot of trouble as a kid was took on a group hiking trip with family and friends long story short it was along side the river bank of a fast flowing river myself and two mates where ahead of everyone , we came across an old fridge floating river side tied to a tree, I suggested they get in it , they got in it and said push it out a little , I pushed it the rope snapped and off they went down the river .

    parents caught up with me , I was standing in the same spot shitting myself when asked where the other two where i just pointed to the fridge floating now at a fast pace down the river at that point all panic broke out all ended fine people got wet noone died and it's laughed at to this day.
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    set fire to a church with 2 friends..was 10yrs old..Lol
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    In primary 7, a boy stole one of my friends pokemon cards and sprinted by me, I stuck my foot out and tripped him up causing him to hit his head on the ground and knock him out. I seen him unconcious, paniced, kicked him on the face, ran into the head teacher and told her that my "friend" (who he stole the cards from) had battered him for stealing the cards.

    Thats probably far from the worst thing I done as a kid, but most of the shit I can think of isn't even funny.

    Edit : I remember being about 15 and hanging about with "the young team" about 12 of us went to a scheme near where I stay to fight. My friend ran to the very front of the crowd right up against the boys we were meeting, I threw a brick aiming for the middle of the opposite crowd but fucked my mate right on the back of the head and split his head wide open, I then proceeded to shout "There's somecunt flinging bricks in the bushes !!!!" He still to this day doesn't know it was me that hit him.
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    ""There's somecunt flinging bricks in the bushes !!!!" "

    aw that tickled me.. haha
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    I did a lot of fucked up things as a kid, there's not really much else to do in the South Wales valleys, but the one I still feel really bad about was when I was about 11-12 this guy in my street blamed me for something I didn't do and my mother went nuts. So a few days later I was looking for revenge, and the guy parked his car in the lane next to my house, so I climbed on the bonnet dropped trow and shit on his windscreen. I then took my t-shirt off, smeared the shit all over so there was no windscreen visible through the shit and threw my shirt in the bushes. When the guy seen his car he went absolutely ape shit crazy, so I then proceeded to blame the kid who was responsible for the previous incident a few days earlier. Not content with that level of revenge I then sat on the garden wall and hurled abuse at him while the guy made him clean the windscreen while he sobbed. I feel pretty bad about it but still brings a little smile to my face when I remember it. Most of the other stuff I did was stupid and fucked up but I dun really feel bad about it so wont bother with them.
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    So not so bad as some of these stories but as a kid:

    Gave a kid who had been winding me up some chocolate I had out of its packet in my school bag. Doesn't sound that bad but it was knocking around my trainers which I had stepped in dog shit with for a couple of days...

    Got kicked out of religious education at a christian school for suggesting adam and eve's kids must have committed incest to populate the earth...

    Attempted a C15 "the professionals" move at primary school... To be fair was only copying what I saw on the TV but got another lad to face away from me by getting him to look at rabbits in the rabbit hutch. As soon as he backed me, I wrapped my hand around his nose and mouth and held his neck with the other. Thank God the headmistress walked in on the scene and shouted at me, the lad was woozy as anything and I got sent home...

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    Holy thread resurrection

    Looking back I'm not proud of this but it's worth a mention.

    I must've been 16 or 17. This sounds well bent but at the time it was a great way to dodge classes at school. We had a really good school choir and they put on loads of shows so if you joined the choir you got loads of time off for rehearsals and shit.

    We were practicing for our Christmas concert at the local church. The younger kids were singing and us older ones were hanging about in the pews. I found these wee bits of paper you could fill in with a message to the minister so I wrote one out and posted it in the associated box....

    About a week later I arrived home to find both my parents going absolutely fucking mental. Now I lived at number 7 and my best mate lived at number 1, so our parents both knew each other. Apparently, on the Sunday afternoon just past, the doorbell went at my mates house. His mum opened the door and found the minister standing there with a big bunch of flowers. He asked if my mate lived there and his mum said yes and felt obliged to invite him in despite being very confused. So in he comes and my mates mum makes him a cup of tea. He asks how my mate is feeling. Now he played volleyball and he'd injured his back the day before so his mum said he was still in bed and was in a lot of pain.

    At that point the minister started to cry.

    My mate's mum is really confused so decides to ask what's going on. The minister tells her that a concerned parishioner had posted a note in the church saying my mate had a terminal illness and only had weeks to live. In his last weeks on earth he'd turned to god and would welcome a visit from the minister to pray with him

    Needless to say my dad kicked my arse and to this day my mate's dad still doesn't speak to me despite my mate being my best man at my wedding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illegalhunter View Post
    Fuck where do i start , i have loads .when i was younger 12/13 i fished for seagulls with a spinning rod . I put loads of bread out on the garden , in small its to get sparrows o land ect .Then i made a ball up out 2 slices and put a trebble hook in i attached to my spinning rod . Now then cast the the bread with the treble hook in it out into the garden . Now when a seagull seen the big ball of bread , it cant resist it . Landing and picking it up in a oner , i shout loadly from he ustairs window . The gul flies away swallowing the bread . Now the fun begins , click over the bail arm and strike that mother fucker as if it were a Blue Marlin . Hook sets reel the fucker in and kill the bastard with golf club . Its one of the funniest thing mme and my cousin have ever did .
    That is seriously fucked up. You need help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newkid View Post
    That is seriously fucked up. You need help.
    im with you on that

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    Quote Originally Posted by newkid View Post
    That is seriously fucked up. You need help.
    Works better on homeless people.

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