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Thread: Worst thing you did as a kid

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    Me and my cousin, dangerous Dave, stole a tin of gloss paint from my neighbours garden hut and poured it over his brand new car then wrote some stuff on the pavement.
    We got caught with paint on our hands and got grounded for months and got my SNES took off me for it.

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    Nothing very wild to say but heres a few i remember.

    I must of been around 9 or 10 there was a pretend royal rumble going on at school on the field we used to make a ring using the fence and our jackets, Well everyone was play fighting and some kid was on the ground injured but as i was playing Yokozuna whos finishing move the Banzai Drop i took advantage of his situation i nailed it the kid let out a scream and had to go to hospital.

    Another which i feel pretty bad about is a group of friends and i used to record prostitutes on our phones and scream FBI FBI whenever they got near a punter. We also did a David attenborough style documentary on our phones of pros and homeless guys.

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    Me and 3 of my mates went on an adventure to see a dead body once, we walked along train tracks n shit, nearly got hit by a train, a dog called chopper tried to sic my balls, all sorts of shenanigans went down.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    was a summer camp instructor.

    One night I had drinks while on the job. Wasn't hammered or anything, but I would say I was probably legally drunk. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by illegalhunter View Post
    Fuck where do i start , i have loads .when i was younger 12/13 i fished for seagulls with a spinning rod . I put loads of bread out on the garden , in small its to get sparrows o land ect .Then i made a ball up out 2 slices and put a trebble hook in i attached to my spinning rod . Now then cast the the bread with the treble hook in it out into the garden . Now when a seagull seen the big ball of bread , it cant resist it . Landing and picking it up in a oner , i shout loadly from he ustairs window . The gul flies away swallowing the bread . Now the fun begins , click over the bail arm and strike that mother fucker as if it were a Blue Marlin . Hook sets reel the fucker in and kill the bastard with golf club . Its one of the funniest thing mme and my cousin have ever did .
    Re-reading these at work, bad idea.

    I just spat tea all over my laptop. Uh oh.

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    Playing football in the school playground when the annoying kid (now plays for a pro team in Norway) was knocked unconscious after a fat guy fell on his head whilst slide tackling him. Ambulance was called. Now there was only one way for the ambulance to get to the playground. It had to come through the front gate,and around the side of the school. We all laid just behind the open gates when we heard the ambulance blue light it up the road, not allowing it in........

    He's ok now obviously but it could have turned out a lot worse.
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    Used t drill my kicks on i next doors trees min
    Knocking cunts ott is the name o my game

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