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Thread: 8 Points for a better MMA Performance Programme

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    Default 8 Points for a better MMA Performance Programme

    This is a summary of a brief talk I gave to a group of MMA coaches a few weeks ago, be great to hear your thoughts on it, like-it or loathe it!!
    Thanks guys

    MMA Performance Programme
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    some good points there! particulary in regards to recovery and nutrition, i feel nutrition is probibly equaly as important as physical training!!! you cant excercise (take out) of the body if it doesnt have the right things already in it...

    also, the setting of goals, training plans ect!.....i think this is a underlooked factor ( its not just about 8 or 12 week training camps) its about periodisation!!! different cycles of training to achieve different levels of performance/targets overa period of months/years....... oldie but goodie!!! check out periodisation, tudor bompa!

    point 8 i think is pretty much the iceing on the cake!!! basics!! so many people mpressure themself with wanting to increase load or wanting to sprint for longer.....i think more time needs to be focused on technical aspects or an athletes game! achieving full range of movement, correct posture ect.....

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    Thanks mate appreciate that feedback, im big into getting those fundamentals right, before you even think about the next level up!
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