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Thread: Hampshire - Basingstoke

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    Default Hampshire - Basingstoke

    I am most likely moving to Basingstoke in Hampshire and would like to find MMA places.

    I have found one in guildford which teach MMA around JKD which I love the theory behind. Is there also any more?

    Would like reputable ones.

    Thanks in return

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    There's fuck all in Basingstoke.

    Closest places with anything decent are going to be aldershot, southampton or portsmouth.

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    I thought Jeremy Bailey had a gym in Basingstoke?

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    Jeremy's gym is mainly k1 and muay thai, he does have a bjj class there on a sat but no mma as yet. I live in basingstoke and train @ gods of War mma in reading. It's only half hour up the road, easy by train or car, open 7 days a week, the coaching is excellent and it's a meathead free zone. Yes I am slightly biased

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    Colonel-you are too kind!

    Samsewart- I like to think we are reputable.

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