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Thread: Joe Rogan v Mario Yamasaki

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    Any Referee shouldnt be asked to justify their actions, particulalrly right there in front of a PPV.
    Mario could have left possibly but we dont know if he was told to stay in there, not saying he was but we dont know.
    Whether people think mario was right or wrong, he was the guy in there, he made the call based on his experience and instincs.
    Once the decision is made you shouldnt be asked to change it right there and then.
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    The Ref fucked it , no big deal
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    That's Rogan's response to said incident.
    Yeah we were all thinking it but questioning the ref at the time made the whole thing look fairly unprofessional IMO. That being said I was a bit blinded by rage at the time as Yamasaki had fucked me, and a lot of other people I'm imagining, as a load of my bets hinged around Silva as a safe win.
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    Is it classed as the back of the head if a shot lands behind the ears? Call me stupid but im not 100% sure, if so, the majority of the shots were to the back of the head, i thought that as it happened. Joe Rogan shouting out "that was legal, that was legal, that was legal" was just stupid, intentionally trying to make Yamasaki look a twat.. to me, he just made himself look a twat.. Again.
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    In slow motion 1 shot clearly landed square in the back of the head. The rest were on the border line imo.

    The problem is that it is a bit of a grey area because a lot of the shots were thrown with legal intention (imo) but the head was turned so the blows landed in a potentially illegal area (this would be the head turners fault). Silva was ajusting his shots well to try to keep them legal but some did stray onto the back of the head and rules is rules. Silva didn't control his blows well enough. If a non accidental blow is landed in an illegal area and if the fighter is no longer able to continue then the only choice is a DQ.

    The only hope is that the 'illegal blows' are deemed accidental. Mario obviously felt that the blows were not accidental.

    NAC 467.7966 Fouls: Accidental. (NRS 467.030)

    1. If a contest or exhibition of mixed martial arts is stopped because of an accidental foul, the referee shall determine whether the unarmed combatant who has been fouled can continue or not. If the unarmed combatant’s chance of winning has not been seriously jeopardized as a result of the foul and if the foul did not involve a concussive impact to the head of the unarmed combatant who has been fouled, the referee may order the contest or exhibition continued after a recuperative interval of not more than 5 minutes. Immediately after separating the unarmed combatants, the referee shall inform the Commission’s representative of his determination that the foul was accidental.

    2. If the referee determines that a contest or exhibition of mixed martial arts may not continue because of an injury suffered as the result of an accidental foul, the contest or exhibition must be declared a no decision if the foul occurs during:

    (a) The first two rounds of a contest or exhibition that is scheduled for three rounds or less; or

    (b) The first three rounds of a contest or exhibition that is scheduled for more than three rounds.

    3. If an accidental foul renders an unarmed combatant unable to continue the contest or exhibition after:

    (a) The completed second round of a contest or exhibition that is scheduled for three rounds or less; or

    (b) The completed third round of a contest or exhibition that is scheduled for more than three rounds,

    the outcome must be determined by scoring the completed rounds and the round during which the referee stops the contest or exhibition.

    4. If an injury inflicted by an accidental foul later becomes aggravated by fair blows and the referee orders the contest or exhibition stopped because of the injury, the outcome must be determined by scoring the completed rounds and the round during which the referee stops the contest or exhibition.

    (Added to NAC by Athletic Comm’n by R070-01, eff. 8-31-2001; A by R076-03, 12-3-2003; R090-07, 12-4-2007)
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    I don't really care about that incident, but Rogan is getting worse on commentary... forever saying what someone SHOULD do during grappling. There is no one right or wrong thing to do... not everyone has to try to get to mission control, "What he needs to do here is..." ARGH!!

    He used to be much better.

    They learnt from last time how to handle the post fight interviews differently too. Cut down on the booring a lot! -

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    There was 1 very clear shot landed on the back of the head, several others were borderline / questionable as Sledge states.

    Rules are there for us all to follow, we have to go with what we perceive to be the case at the exact specific time of calling any decision.
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    problem was, i think his fist was often hitting legal areas, but his wrist and forearm were smashing the back of his head.
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    I have seen/heard a really mixed opinion of what happened with Rogan after the fight. A lot of people seem to think he was completely out of order and others (like Jordan Breen for instance) think he can't be applauded enough for it.

    I don't really have a problem with Rogan asking the question (perhaps the manner was a tad abrasive), that's his job, but I certainly didn't expect Yamasaki to get on the mic and answer. Yes, there needs to be some accountability but that's not the right place.

    I would expect instant replays to come in soon for circumstances like this and I'd also expect the UFC will overturn the decision to a NC pretty quickly (they don't exactly have a commission to worry about down in Rio).
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    If it is overturned and made a NC then that makes a mockery of the rules.
    Silva clearly landed illegal shots, as Mario confirmed and as can be seen on screen, Satar couldn't continue - therefore a DQ.

    Just because Rogan is a gobby twat and doesn't know the rules doesn't mean Marios decision should be overturned. He was correct.
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