In the light of recent events, I've posted a few new blogs about weight cutting, to go with the ones already on the site.

Weight cutting is a frequent topic of obsession for fighters and debate amongst fans. Some have argued that it amounts to cheating. Others point out that when done badly, it can be one of the most dangerous aspects of MMA. Dehydration can result in heat stroke, kidney failure or heart arrhythmias. Although thereís very little research on this subject, itís possible that fighters quite commonly dehydrate themselves to a level that affects kidney function. And when it goes badly wrong, it can kill you.

Iíve noticed a trend amongst fighters. Those who seem least concerned about their health when planning a weight cut are often the quickest to plead ďmedical reasonsĒ when it goes wrong. I donít want to pick on anyone in particular, so letís take a fictional fighter, say John Anthonyson.

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Weight cutting and the kidneys