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Thread: Your thoughts on the UK muay thai

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    Default Your thoughts on the UK muay thai

    James whats your thoughts on the current UK thai scene, quality/quantity of shows, fighters, coaches etc. Do you think MMA has helped muay thai grow in the UK?


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    I think the UK has some of the best Muay Thai fighters outside Thailand. Liam Harrison, Jordan watson, Andy Thrasher, Damien Trainor, Micheal dicks, Tim Thomas, the Wakeling brothers etc are all excellent. All products of some excellent gyms.

    Some really really good shows around (some duffers too) but the high end shows are great, i really like UK promoters bringing Thais over as well, most people wont ever get to see high level Thais fight live so its pretty cool.

    I think MMA has made the promoters look at there product and put on better shows which is a good thing, i also think some of the fighters might be getting paid better (although still no where near what there worth) and this might be influenced by MMA fighters being in a position to make better money.

    MMA has probably highlighted Muay Thai as a fundamental art to be included as part of a well rounded MMA fighters game. I know the Muay Thai classes at our gyms have had an increase in numbers of guys coming form grappling based arts etc

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    Who do you think has the best muay thai in uk mma James?

    My vote goes for Colin Farricker

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    Sean Wright IMO 52 thai fights, only 13 loses has fought Yod, JWP, preacher and a bunch of other guys.

    farricker has sick Thai, usually wore terrible shorts if i remember right

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    i could say if pete tiarks was still fighting he would be ripping up the scene he was a force in thai and mma
    hurtlocker mma (side show) 2-1-0

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    Farricker and Sean fight at the same weight if I'm not mistaken?

    That'd be a sick fight.
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    I think its dogshit at the moment.

    Yes there are some really tallented fighters out there but there is allot of fakers too.

    I know quite a few characters who run Muay Thai clubs and have 3 or 4 belts and travel to Thailand to fight each year.
    The reality is that they bought their titles in Thailand and only fight locals who throw fights and spend most of the time sleeping with whores.

    If a real Muay Thai guy challanges them (and it happens allot) they shit their pants and make excuses.

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    Although hes only fought mma once Alex Dally has awesome Thai think he was WMC light heavyweight champion. Hes Thai coach at Hokushinko Fight Academy

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloshengland View Post
    i could say if pete tiarks was still fighting he would be ripping up the scene he was a force in thai and mma
    pete tiarks is fighting next weekend muay thai in scotland .would love to see him back in mma also
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