Keen to sell this so... 17.50 (P&P included) for a double DVD of techniques and rolling footage. This is an amazing deal as it cost me 50 US dollars new. (It plays in UK and US machines). Perfect condition.

If you're interested please pm me.

Called The Best of MGinaction. Details below:

Learn to roll like Marcelo Garcia! In this DVD, Marcelo breaks his exciting and efficient style down into nine easy to follow lessons, teaching 25 of his highest-percentage guard passes, sweeps, submissions and escapes. These are the same techniques he uses daily in his academy and at the highest levels of international competition.

Taught with details that only a multiple-time world champion can provide, what really makes this DVD unique is that the instruction is accompanied by over 160 InAction clips showing Marcelo use these exact techniques as he spars against many different opponents.

Whether you train with or without the gi, the material on this DVD will show you how practical and effective Marcelo's game is for every type of practitioner! Also included is a bonus disk loaded with insightful discussions and annotated sparring sessions. Ever wanted to know what it's like to roll with Marcelo? Follow along as two of his top black belt instructors, Paul Schreiner and Henrique Rezende, break down Marcelo's rolling sessions and provide unique insight into Marcelo's strategies, tactics and mindset.