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Thread: The most you have won gambling

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    Default The most you have won gambling

    Ive just won 714 dollars in poker the most I have ever won my last decent win was 300 on Danny Williams stopping Tyson.

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    I won 300 on poker, 50 on a scratch card nothing else of any value a bit on Grand National some years and some on football and boxing bets.

    Never anything to really write home about a guy I know won 10k on the pools when he was 17.

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    At Cheltenham when I was about 18/19 I was into the horses big time. All the favourites won that year, Best Mate, Rooster Booster, Azertyioup etc..... I had all sorts of bets down that year, and won in excess of 3k for an outlay of about 50-60.

    I proceeded to piss it all up against the wall lol over the next couple of months and it paid for my trip to tenerife that summer.

    Best Mate was the key in every bet, when he won I went mental in the bookies like you wouldn't believe.

    and when Plymouth won League Two in 2002 I won over 800, had 20 e/w at 33/1 after we had lost our first two games of the season. Green Army!!

    and went through the card at UFC 99, that netted me about 1,200.

    Despite all of that through the years the bookies have made a tidy profit out of me. You'll never ever see a poor bookie!!

    Two near misses -

    1) William Hill 2 from each section when I was 15 - had 13 out of 14. Rangers were the team who let me down at home to some idiots, I had the home win and Rangers drew. To cop it off they missed a penalty in the last 5 mins. Potential Returns were in excess of 12,000.

    2) I had a multi sport acca one year. early 2000's I think, more or less every league winner in europe, cricket bets, rugby, all sorts.....St Louis Rams let me down in the Superbowl, they lost in OT. Gutted. Potential Returns were about 2.5K

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    i dont know the ins and outs of horse betting but my daughter won 410 quid for a five horse accumalator by picking the horses with pretty sounding names. she was about 10 years old at the time.

    my mother has won 7000 on hotpicks twice in the last thre or four years.

    ive never won anything.

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    LOL Girls have the best ways of picking horses. My mrs picked one out at Newton Abbot back along at 66/1 cos it was "the grey one"'s form was something like this PFPUF00-00F
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    I won about 2k at Royal Ascot in one day about 8 years ago on a works do. I don't really bet that much but as we were on a works do I set myself a budget to lose and everything I bet on won. No skill involved just pure dumb luck.
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    got up to $1500 on a black jack table in vegas then lost the lot on the next hand
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    In my local William Hill I've seen a couple of crazy things involving the gambling machines, both on Roulette.....

    1) A guy had a fair crowd watching him, he was up to almost 6k. I watched one dog race (my dog lost) so say about 60 that time he was back down to a mere 800.

    2) A guy took 11k out of one....problem was he couldn't take it home or bank it cos if his mrs knew he'd been gambling it was all over. The manager had to keep it in the safe for him. Crazy.
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    Couple my mates signed up to Sky Bingo as you get 10 free pay - they won 208 and 280......... i signed up and won 4

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    i put around 600 on black on roulette and won back 1200 technically, but id put that much in already so really only ended up by 20p. my plan was to put 20p on, if it lost then double it to 40p to win 80p back, take off the original 20p plus the 40p stake and you have 20p winnings, repeat until you've got 1200 invested just to win 20p

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