Hi Brendan. I've been training for about a year now with a group called Crazy Monkey on the Isle of Man. We train for self preservation, as a functional martial art rather than to compete as a sport and only train stand up, boxing, kick boxing, clinch etc. I started more for my fitness than anything else but have really enjoyed it and want to carry on at a higher level.
I am due to move back to England in May, moving to Surrey, so will be looking for a new club to train with. Although this time training full MMA with the aim to compete in the future.
My fitness is ok, not the best by any means but I get by in the 1.5 hours we train for twice a week and sparring for an hour every week.
Have you got any advice as to what sort of level of fitness I need to get to be competitive in the future?
I don't wanna turn up somewhere to train and look a completely out of shape compared to everyone else.
Only thing that really sucks is my flexibility, so will be looking out for your stretching advice too.