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Thread: T shirt printer recommendations?

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    Default T shirt printer recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a good printers that will do a couple of one off prints at a decent price. Not really looking to pay more than 20 a shirt and wanted some text in my own font printed front and back. came out at 27 per shirt excl p&p.

    Any advice appreciated!!

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    Graham, i would highly recommend speaking to Ross Laurence ASAP about this as Impact LPA is something we run and do a decent amount of printing for gyms, fighters, etc.

    Just say Wad put you in touch and he'll sort you out at a good rate. Ross's contact information is:

    Phone: 07947 885 063
    Fight Management Limited

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    I have a guy that can chop that price by half graham contact me if stil stuck I'll hook you up.
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    Apple screen print in newcastle are good - Use discount code cagewarriors for 10% off your order

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    Thanks guys, wish I'd checked back into this thread more regularly! Was in a bit of a rush for these so went with shirtlab in the end, but they are extortionate....wont do that next time.

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