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Thread: 6 pulling movements for you!

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    Default 6 pulling movements for you!

    Heres 6 tutorials on pulling movements for your consideration

    Pulling movements

    Any questions feel free to post them here
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    Excellent vids these

    How many sets of each excresise would you advise doing? Should i do each set one after another or do each excersis in a circuit format?
    Do you increase weight or use the same weight each set and increase weight over a few weeks instaed?

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    Hi Pab,

    All good questions....tough to answer because it really depends on what your trying to achieve. For basic strength development I would suggest doing 3-5 sets of 4-6 reps of 2-3 of the exercises (not the power rows as these are for power!!)

    So with that you have at least 2-3 different workouts in there. But its meant to just give you some ideas so you can put them into your sessions as you need to have loads of other stuff like pushing movements, bracing and that all important lower body too!

    Make sense?
    S&C Made Easy: twitter @brendanchaplin

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