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Thread: Daily Mail trolling game

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    Default Daily Mail trolling game

    right little game for us.

    Daily mail is full of fucktards.

    You have to pick a story then leave a comment in the comments box with your user name from here. The person who gets the most red arrows is the winner.

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    LOL This should be good

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    got a couple out there, just waiting on the arrows coming in lol

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    just slated Davina Mcall, lets see what happens

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    it hasn't gone on the sight, damn them

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    hahha well done mate for some reason people are liking my comments.

    on the story about women drivers better than men i said "how can they drive in the kitchen" 3 green arrows
    story about the obese kid i said "wee fatty" it was liked
    story about usa banning two folk from america i said "looks like they robbed topshop" liked.

    Im going to have to get more severe

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    tried one for davina

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    I added my own contribution to the Frankie Boyle TV show being axed article. I just noticed that the comments are moderated in advance so there isn't much chance that 'Ridiculous. It's not Boyle's fault that cancer and autism are funny to some.' will get put up.

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    Just started playing posted on RBS and the gastric bypass op story.
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