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Thread: CAGEFILM re-launch!!??? What do you think I should do???

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    Default CAGEFILM re-launch!!??? What do you think I should do???

    Hi all, many of you will know about CAGEFILM, if you're new(ish) to the forum you may not as it's been closed for the last year...

    Basically, CAGEFILM was an MMA and BJJ focused film company that produced some brilliant instruction series with the likes of Michael Bisping, Ian Freeman, Braulio Estima, Victor Estima, Neil Adams, Marcelo Brigadeiro, London Shoot Fighters, Eddie Bravo, Frank Shamrock, Kron Gracie and many many more....

    I used to run the company and own all the footage.
    Last year the company shut due to a number of reasons including some health issues in the family that made it difficult/impossible to travel and film (was travelling all over the world...).

    The company closed and I lost access to the server where the website was hosted as well as the URL / emails...!

    I still have hundreds of hours of film, instructionals, docs, interviews, pro training, tournaments and more...

    I now have the URL back and am thinking it's a damn shame to leave all this footage sitting on harddrives doing nothing!


    CAGEFILM may be re-launching in 2012!

    BUT - Im looking for feedback on how you think CAGEFILM should run.

    In the past, customers would pay per video as they were released and download them. This is fine, but Im looking at things differently now.

    Can you give me some feedback on ideas to set the site up.
    Obviously, I have to make some income from the videos, instructors still have to be paid for anything sold, servers have to be paid, and all being well, new videos produced!

    Some ideas.

    Pay per lessons download as before.

    One off 'cheap' payment to access EVERYTHING on the site including new videos and the entire back catalogue!

    Any other suggestions?

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    I would stick with the pay per lesson that way i think you would earn more. If say i pay for one months access to you site and i could watch and download all the videos on the site then in that month i would download everything i wanted and then not bother visiting you site for at least 6 to 12 months until you had a collection of new videos. Do pay per lesson but them maybe do a block off videos you can download at a cheaper price. Please post when you are up and running as i would love to use you site.
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    Thanks for feedback, just managed to get back onto the Cagefilm Facebook account after being blocked from it for half a year (lost access to the domain and emails!)
    Have an inbox full of requests to get the site going again which is great!

    This would be more of a service/hobby now than a full time thing as I have another project on the go which is my main focus right now.
    I was thinking even to charge an annual fee instead of monthly, make it cheap so as many as possible will use the site.
    I know many will just download everything for a minimal payment but, that would at least enable me to film more content and keep the service going!
    I still have contact with loads of the top UFC and BJJ fighters, and open invites to film with many of them so could produce some fantastic content if the demand is there.

    Would actually be nice to do this as a hobby instead of depending on it for my income.
    Money from the site would just feed back into more great content so everyone would win...

    Thats more what Im thinking anyway, depending on the response from people first!

    I have so much footage available much of it never made public...!

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    I don't have any suggestions as such. All I'll say is that I really liked the downloads I purchased from there. Everyone of them was quality. The Neil Adams ones are my personal favourites, but the London Shoot vids and the Braulio/Vitor vids are top notch too.

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