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National identity may not be a big deal you welsh or Scots, but to the English we're a fighting nation and have a lot of pride. Yes, we've been invaded by a lot of different countries, had a lot of wars, but that's shaped us into who we are today, and some people have a pride in that. I don't see anything wrong with someone having a pride in their country, especially the UK (which is pretty much England anyway).
It's comments like this that makes people look down and the English. Being an Englishman living in Scotland I get alot of stick as too many people make these 'arrogant' type comments that are supposed to be taken as a 'joke', there is seriousness to that statement as much as you say it was sort of a joke!

I obviously try to defend the English and the comments people make but sometimes you just have to accept that some you can't defend. I also agree that all nations are guilty of racism, facism etc but tends to be minorities within