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Thread: advice needed, and general input

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    Default advice needed, and general input

    First off I'm uber new to this forum and forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, but I had to start some where.

    I want to take up mma in order to give my life a kick start, to get back the fitness I had, to eventually whether it takes five years to compete in anyway in mma/cage competitions.

    I've got no MMA experience, 100% nothing.

    I've done taekwondo and Thai boxing but far to long ago to of made any difference.

    I was in the army, and the royal marines for a total of nines years, so I'm quite a robust individual, ans as of now I'm in general condition weights five times a week with some moderate cardio.

    How ever...I'm 31.

    Am I pissing in the wind? Or do you really have to be a young spritely chicken to start from the bottom?

    Local MMA gym to me is gladiator gym ran by Ross pointon to which I'm gonna pop Down to have a chat to him in the next few days.

    Can I have your thoughts please?

    Cheers and all the best.


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    Hi Alan

    Best thing is to just go to the gym and see how you do, based on what you wrote you should do fine and I don't think 31 is too old really its depends how quick you are able to pick up the sport. I've known people older then you with nothing to go on and compete and WIN or put up a good fight. You get out what you put in
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    Thanks very much for the reply..

    Suppose I don't wanna be spanked by some kid with spikey haha

    Cheers and I hope your well!

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