Hi all.
Sadly I have decided to sell up, this is to include everything we have built up over the last 7 or so years, the inventory is as follows:
24ft 6in Cage, this is I believe unique as it extends out to 32ft for the larger venues, they come complete with all padding & matting (40mm) etc.
A one meter wide & one meter high walkway around the circumference of both complete with skirting.
Free standing tri-light light rig fully equipped with Par-cans, sequencing/manual light mixing desk with I think 24 pre-set light programs, this includes all cables from mains to lights.
Jigsaw matts (40mm) for warm up areas etc, I think there are something like 100 of these.
This is almost a self sufficient set up, many of you will know the Cage (s) and will appreciate it is not to be confused with mass produced imported versions, this was designed, commissioned & built by engineers in Britain.
The cost to set up in its entirety was 66,000-00, I will listen to any sensible offer, it may be more efficient to call me on: 07973 522131.