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    Hi Brendan,
    Firstly a huge thank you, as the advice and resources you're providing on here are invaluable. Amazing that you're doing it all free of charge and out of goodwill.

    I've got two questions to ask if that's OK:

    Firstly, I'm struggling to nail a balanced routine - I boxed when I was younger and did martial arts, but in recent years (I'm now 40), I've been purely fitness-focused and discovered crossfit about two years ago (training by myself rather than as part of a box). However, I took up MMA in August and I'm absolutely smitten - can't get enough of it. The biggest challenge, therefore, is that I'm finding it hard to fit everything in and need to get it more systematic. As things stand I've dropped the crossfit-style metcons recently on the basis that I'll be getting a similar workout from the MMA sessions anyway, and instead I've started following 'Starting Strength' on the basis that this will give me better balance in terms of my routine and get my base numbers higher - I currently weigh 75kg and my 1-rep maxes are around 130kg deadlift, 105kg squat and 65kg press. Only other issue I should mention is that the gym I'm using has an Olympic bar but no squat rack, so I'm currently alternating between front squats and overhead squats rather than doing back squats (as an aside, I'm finding that having to clean the bar to get into the front squat position is really taking it out of me as well - I'm currently doing 3x5 at 70kg).

    At the moment I'm thinking of trying to do the following:

    Sunday: MMA (wrestling) 6-7pm followed by Thai boxing 7-8pm
    Monday: Starting Strength routine before work and then MMA (BJJ) 8.30-10pm
    Tuesday: Rest Day
    Wednesday Starting Strength before work then MMA (striking and sparring) 8.30pm-10pm
    Thursday MMA (BJJ) 6-7pm; Thai boxing 7-8pm
    Friday: Yoga 9am and BJJ technique work in the afternoon
    Saturday: Starting Strength AM and then Wrestling 2-3.30pm

    Would really appreciate your thoughts on that and what I should do to tweak/improve it.

    The second question is that I've also realised I'd like to take my passion a stage further and achieve some professional qualifications in the fitness industry. The obvious one in the short-term seems to be the crossfit level one trainer course, but again, I'd welcome your views. Thanks and apologies for such a long one!

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    Hi Deserter,

    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

    Starting strength is a good move from cross fit so stick with that until your gains slow down.

    Regarding your schedule. It all depends on how your training feels after weight training but in general I would encourage you to have high intensity sessions on the same day followed by a lower intensity day or go hard for 2 days if neds be followed by a lighter day. If you're training to fight you may need to go high intensity 3 days in a row but if not I wouldn't go that way as it is very stressful.
    So your set-up looks okay to me. The only area would maybe be an additional rest day in there maybe every other week but if you can tolerate that workload then go for it!

    Some peoplelike to do weights the day before sparring sessions as they don't get the soreness till after these sessions but that is an option if your body responds to the stress in that way.

    Have you watched the webinar I put out a while ago? This will give you some more info.
    You can also check out the MMA content section of my website its all free and there is loads there.

    As far as courses go, I have to say i'm not a huge fan of cross fit. Its not specific to the sport and I think you can do better.

    The UKSCA do some good workshops so definitely check these out.
    I am doing an MMA S&C course in March and a 3 day S&C coach training course in June. You can check out all the education I do on my site too! Education site

    Anything else let me know!!

    S&C Made Easy: twitter @brendanchaplin

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    Thanks for such a swift response Brendan and the great feedback. I started watching the first part of the webinar but had to park it due to work; will definitely plunge back in though.
    As for the courses, they look like exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately I'm not due back in the UK until April so got no chance of doing the March one, but the one in June looks superb and I can probably arrange holiday around that.
    Thanks once again. Massively appreciated.

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    Brilliant, sounds good! If you need any more info drop me an email. Places going quite fast too only taking 10 people on it.
    S&C Made Easy: twitter @brendanchaplin

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