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    Default 21st Century Core Training

    Here's part one of 2 on how to train you core the right way.....give it a read guys.

    21st Century Core Training: Key things you need to know!

    Any questions bang em down here!

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    I work in a local council gym and have been trying to get the situp/spinal flexion thing across to my clients forever, however nobody seems to listen. They just want to rock away on the ab cradle and "feel the burn" to work their abs which are covered by a layer of body fat.

    Whens part 2 coming? eager to see these 5 exercises
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but is it something like 250, 000 crunches for 1lb of fat burned? Cant remember where I heard/read that! For me training the core is about stabilisation and rotational power. I rarely do a sit-up movement and if I did, it would still be with a heavy weight nd under 6 reps.

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    Part 2 is up now guys
    PART 2
    For me loaded flexion is something to stay away from, wouldnt have it with deadlifts or squats and its the same with the core
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