Due to an unfortunate injury, Hannah Stephens has been forced to withdraw from her fight against Cherie Buck at Ultimate Impact Cagefighting on Saturday 25th February.

A replacement is being sought after and matchmaker Paul Sutherland, is determined that the first ever female fight on a UIC card will go ahead in two and a half week’s time.

If you would like the opportunity to step into the cage and fight in front of a packed out crowd then you must meet the following requirements;

• Be Female Pro or Pro B Class Fighter
• 61 – 64kg Weight Class

If you’re interested in stepping up then fire matchmaker Paul Sutherland an email for all the info on purse etc…. paul.sutherland@trojanfreefighters.com

[Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 7: Relentless]

Main Event: Chico Mendes vs. Mark Tucker

Co-Main Event: Lee Caers vs. Ben Constantine

Chris Levers vs. Mark Percival
Sam Gilbert vs. Lee Sherwood
Paul Temple vs. Mario Saeed
Dorion Fielder vs. Luke Espley
Cherie Buck vs. TBA
John Lea vs. Nathan Owen
Anthony Ferguson vs. Jamie Pritchard
Jay Grazier vs. Tom Wride
Adam Boussif vs. Dan Rees
Ste Molyneux vs. Ash Harris
Wayne Drake vs. Danny Suter
Craig Mead vs. Brad Crossfield
David Cray vs. Ben Hodge
Adam Cartwright vs. Nathan Wilding

(Card subject to change)
For more info on UIC 7: Relentless visit: http://www.ultimateimpactcagefighting.com

[About Ultimate Impact Cagefighting:]

Ultimate Impact Cagefighting (UIC) is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion dedicated to showcasing the most exciting up and coming fighters from around the UK. Established in 2009 to provide a platform for developing fighters to gain valuable experience before moving up and entering into national and global shows around the world.

"It is an exciting time to be in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the standard of fighters is extremely high, as such it is our duty to ensure our show is the most professional event from behind the scenes to what is being presented" - Dan Richards - Director of Ultimate Impact Cagefighting

Match maker Paul Sutherland has been in the industry for over 20 years and is well respected as a former fighter and Head MMA coach to raising stars Ché Mills, Matt Ewin, Mark "The Hand of" Godbeer and many more... if you wish to be considered for the next Ultimate Impact Cagefighting event please use the contact us link with your name, age, weight, record and a brief description as to why you feel you should be considered.

UIC events now take place regularly throughout the Southwest, delivering an entertaining night of full contact MMA fights, martial arts demonstrations and stunning ring girls.