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    Hi Rosi, first of all I think you should be commended for giving up your time and helping us all out by posting in this forum, so thank you!

    About 6 months ago whilst I was in the gym doing a set of snatches, I hurt my left shoulder. It happened when I pulled the weight up to my chest and tried to transition to pressing overhead. I had a week or so break from lifting weights and it felt like it was healing so got back to the gym. It was still a bit painful but I could train on it.

    now 6 months on Im at a point where it only hurts if I move my arm through a certain range of motion. For example at training earlier we were drilling kimuras for a warm up and even when the the lock isn't fullly on and we're just going through the motions it was alot more painful than it should have been.

    The pain is at the front of my shoulder blade, any ideas? Am I better off going straight too a GP or trying a sports massage first?

    Once again thank you, I'd really appreciate your feedback!
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