i was looking for info on getting a pvg so we could look at having a kid class at our school
our school has been running scince 2008 and started out just no gi grappling last year we affiliated with gold team and now have regular visits from master Mariousz Linke and his brown belt Arek Zienkiewicz to keep us on track with our gi bjj
i used to help out coach the kids class at a local judo club ( for about 3 years)this judo class is having to close and my old coach is very keen in some of his students making the change to bjj and our school i would be very pleased to have them and others as we have had a lot of requests for kids classes
i have spoken to Mariousz and Arek and they have said fine our club has insurance through Grappling arts and we get all participants to sign a weaver and more info on how we could keep things wright
info on me i have been involved in grappling martial art for about ten years and hold high belt ranks in judo, juijitsu but am only a blue in bjj at the momment not sure if this will effect my ability to hold a kids class