When it comes to steady state running I'm fairly good, I can run quiet well these days, but the moment it comes to MMA sparring, pad work etc I gas a lot easier.
Am I right in assuming this is down to the anaerobic energy system? the more intense activities like rapid punching or heavier sparring still take it out of me quite easily.
Do you have any tips and advice to improve it quite quickly?

I've now stopped, or at least greatly minimised the ammount of steady state training I'm doing now and have swapped most of it for HIIT runs or sparring to try and improve my anaerobic performance.
Been back at MMA for 2 weeks after a year out with injury and the sessions have been killing me atm.

Any good HIIT programmes or circuits that are proven to work well with MMA fighters in greatly improving mma specific cardio?

Thanks in advance