hi all

i am new to the site currently just moved to maidenhead from essex, looking at some form of gym/mma place to join to continue my training.

the problem i see living here is a gym like GOW god of wars in reading is about a hour and a half away from me, i leave work at 5:30 meaning i would get there at 7pm which would be to late and be able to only do one lession

the gym in slough seems ok but it doesnt seem to have much detail on what goes on again expecting GOW standards probably went at viewing the site and training area

continued to this there is royal gym which i simply can not find on queen street and am not sure of there timetable as it seems out of date like there website as in it hasnt been updated.....
(i hope no offence was taken to any of the gyms said above)

if any one knows of any dojo/mma classes with or without body conditioning equipment please let me know i am unavilable on friday and saturdays to attend.

sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section i couldnt find the "hi im a newb section"