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    Default Training for warriors

    Brendan whats your views on martin rooneys TFW system? Do you agree with the Hurricane training and bar complexes for mma athletes. Also breaking down your strength training into upper body and lower body workout's concentrating on movements rather than muscles e.g pushing/pulling
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    also thoughts on tri planar excercises??? they seem to be very functional for the job, changing levels, dynamic ect...???

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    Hi mate,
    I like a lot of it, really good stuff.

    The breaking down of workouts will depend on what time you have available.

    For example if you're doing 2 lifts per week i'd nearly always do total body sessions, even for 3 sessions per week. 4 might split to upper/lower but to be honest how many MMA guys can lift that much?
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    Default Strength for MMA

    Hi folks,

    Just wrote this little piece on strength for MMA, few tutorials in there too. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

    Strength for MMA

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