Hi Guys Oxford Shootfighters is now opening its doors. See details bellow. Anyone in the area should drop by and check it out.

Oxford Shootfighters.

Oxford Shootfighters will be opening its doors in February 2012, continuing the standard of excellence set by its parent gym, London Shootfighters, who have been a dominant force in MMA since its inception.

Not only will the high standards of coaching and classes continue, but the new gym will match and even surpass the ground breaking London Shootfighters in west london, already recognised as one of the best facilities in the world.
Oxford shootfighters will feature a full size 36ft cage (in line with the UFC), 4000 sq ft of matted space (including a cage wall), 3 boxing rings, one of them Olympic size and a huge array of punching bags and training equipment including paired versa climbers, monkey bars, wrestling dummies and kettle bells.

Shootfighters head coaches Alexis demetriades and Paul Ivens will coach at the new facility and oversee the teaching, development and management of all fighters and competitors, making sure they receive the same benefits and opportunities that other members have used to fight and win in events such as Pride, Dream and the UFC, not to mention the countless domestic shows and competitions in BJJ, grappling, boxing and Muay Thai

Other coaching staff will include multiple belt holder and top ranked light heavyweight Premyslaw Mysiala, UFC and Pride veteran and UK Mma legend Mark Weir, , Sombo sensation Pavel Doroftei, 2x Racthadamnoen Thai Boxing stadium champion ParnPetch Sitpapho Racthadamnoen,Brazillian Jiujitsu Black belt champion Maxmiliano Oliveira Campos and Two Time All-American wrestler Damian Swietlik

As at LSF, the time table will be varied and extensive with classes ranging from beginners to professional in a variety of disciplines such as MMA, BJJ, judo and sombo. Classes will be taught to the highest level allowing students to train in them as individual disciplines or using them as foundations for their mixed martial arts training.
Oxford shootfighters also has a large and extensive fitness gym and members can gain access to top of the range free weights, resistance and cardio machines as well as a sauna and steam room.
Please check www.oxfordshootfighters.com for full details of our location, timetable and membership options including special rates.