Evolve would like to invite you to our first ever no-gi grappling interclub to take place at Evolve, 14 Worrall St, Salford M5 4TH.

This event will take place on Sunday March 18th 2012 and fights will begin at 12.00 sharp. Entrants are required to arrive at 11.00 for weigh in and all bouts will be pre-matched wherever possible depending on fighter experience.

Cost of entry is 5 and guarantees at least 2 matches.

Each match will be 1 x 5 minute round

Please send names and relevant experience to info@evolvemanchester.com

Weight Classes are the same as unified MMA (to the nearest KG)

Winning techniques-

Takedowns (excluding any listed below)
General control of the fight (sweeps, positioning, submission attempts etc)
Submission (excluding any listed below)

PLEASE NOTE- If there is no submission win by the end of the round the Referee wil decide the winner based on advantage gained by control, takedowns, submission attempts etc. Referee decision is FINAL. Also, as this is an interclub and it must be safe for people of all ages and experience, verbal submission or a display of pain or discomfort may cause the referee to stop the bout so please be aware of this.

Illegal techniques-

NO twisting neck locks
NO twisting foot locks
NO twisting spine locks
NO slamming, to escape guard or otherwise
NO can openers
NO full nelson or crucifix
NO holding of t-shirts or shorts allowed
NO striking of any kind
NO eye gouging or fish hooking
NO grabbing ears
NO hair pulling
NO finger or toe holds
NO thumbing (eyes etc)
NO scratching and pinching
NO biting
NO touching groin area

We aim to make the Interclub as safe and friendly as possible while still being competitive, and we look forward to seeing you all showcase your No-Gi skills and representing your teams.

see you on 18/3/12

The team @ Evolve Manchester