‘Sonar FM Presents UK MMA Live’ is a new weekly two hour show dedicated to MMA, particularly in the UK.

Hosted by Your MMA’s David Bateman, the planned guests for the debut show include Full Mount's James lee's, and Dinky Ninja duo Paul McVeigh and Brian Hyslop, with topics including last weekend’s UFC and Strikeforce events, plus OMMAC 13 & more.

Once the newly formed station (Sonar FM) is fully equipped (expected within the month) the show will feature MMA fighters, coaches, promoters, journalists and personalities from across the UK and the World through phone-ins and Skype video conferencing.

Sonar FM is currently only available online at http://www.sonarfm.co.uk/, although it is set to debut on FM radio in June.

The first live UK MMA radio show begins today (Monday, March 5) from 8-10pm at http://www.sonarfm.co.uk/.