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Thread: Do you get more out of daytime classes?

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    Default Do you get more out of daytime classes?

    I work a regular day job so I never get the chance to go to any daytime classes. But I've always assumed that I'd get more from them given that they're generally not as busy as evening/weekend classes.

    Other than students, shift workers and rich kids who don't have to work, who do you generally find at daytime classes and do you get more from them?

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    .....The unemployed.
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    As an instructor I know that because the daytime classes are quieter (normally 6-10 people, although sometimes as many as 14-18) I get to watch every person drill every technique, usually multiple times. Sometimes in the evening classes I don't even get to watch everyone do it once. So for that it can be better in quieter classes.

    For sparring, you might get to roll with the instructors more in the day classes, but you'll get a broader range of sparring partners in the busier evening classes. -

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    I'd love to find day classes up in Aberdeen!

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    I don't think I've ever even attended a daytime class but I must admit that I don't like classes that are too packed, so I imagine that I'd probably get more from daytime classes.

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    Daytime classes are great as they are quieter. Busy and quiet both have pro's and con's though. Im actually going to make day class tomorrow as Im off work.

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    I prefer to go to day classes when I have the choice,

    I work shifts, and have kids (well 1 at the moment and one cooking)

    So like to get any training done early and out the way as I sometimes hate waiting till evening when Im usually bushed and its harder to get motivated!

    The classes do also tend to be quieter, which is good for space on the mat and attention from the instructor.

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