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Thread: This might be a stupid question but...

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    Default This might be a stupid question but...

    Ive got to switch gyms for a while, im not sure how long either. It could be 4 weeks, it could be 6 months or more!
    The thing is my bjj coach has done a lot for me over the last year and i dont want to piss him off to be honest. If i change clubs/coach for a long time then im gonna want to compete so which club would i compete for? Im guessing the club im training with at the time? What about if i change back?

    Like i said, this might sound stupid but ive got to change cos im out of work again and ive got no car

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    I think coaches tend to understand if it due to relocation so i cant see there being any problem.

    But im completly out the loop when it comes to BJJ politics so maybe someone else can let you know where you cant go
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    speak with your coach
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    You'd probably be best trying to figure out how long you're going for first.

    If you're there for 4 weeks and happened to be competing in that 4 weeks you should be fully repping your normal gym.

    If you're at your new gym for like 6 months and then compete it probably becomes a little more tricky.

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    Speak to your coach

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    Cheers for the replies. Ill speak to my coach but ive got a feeling hes not gonna like it much. I said to him that this may happen before and he didnt seem happy then tbh.
    Ill crack on and tell him though, better that than just seeing me at a comp representing another club. It would be cool to be able to go back and train with him eventually

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    Out of interest, what belt are you and how long have you been training?

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