I am 33 years old and I am goinf to compete on April 22nd 2x5' rounds. I am working on a power strenght schedule since 6 weeks, sparring 2x week mma (3-5 rounds) and grappling 2xweek as well (7-10 rounds).
Yesterday I have had an mma session and, after 3-4 min's I totally gassed out. I had to breath heavily and I was no more able to land shots and to take my opponent down (it should me my main strenght).
I have 6 weeks to the fight and my schedule is now changed. I work with half of the weight I used before in my weightlifting routines and I am going to focus to work more with interval training. My coach says it is normal to be tired now, since I have worked a lot on quantity, but my concern is the lack of gas. Probably I am just overtrained.
Any further suggestion? I am still in time to get the proper physical condition?