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Thread: Can you stop a fight if.....

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    O my bad,

    It just came across like you were saying he isnt that good. Micheal Jordan of BJJ is abit carried.

    Who would you say is the Jordan of BJJ?
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    i don't know enough about jordan's achievements to really say to be honest. i'm guessing someone like roger, xande, or marcelo would be good candidates
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    Rob is correct about Pickett - was Chris Freebourne doing the punching.

    I know a little bit about Michael Jordan's achievements which i am happy to share with you now. he was a basketball player for the Chicago Bulls, where he scored lots of points for his team by throwing a ball through a so-called 'basketball ring'.

    some say he was also able to pull off the basketball holy grail by jumping high into the air and throwing the ball down through the ring, what Americans call a 'slam dunk'. i have not seen this feat but many Americans claim to have witnessed it, marvelling at the 'air time' of said leap.
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    Hi everyone,

    i was wondering if i could get your view on a fight that i was recently in.

    I lost the semi-pro fight (3 x 3 min round) at 2:59 in the 3rd round via armbar. It was very late in the round as I heard the 10 second warning, so I rushed my own armbar from side control only to be countered and he obtain side control with knee on belly. He locked an armbar on me and he did have the armbar locked very tight but, having tried to escape by rolling, I have turned my arm to relieve the pressure so I was in no danger of my arm being broken. Referee gave no warning or asked me if I wanted to quit, for which I would have said no, but the ref stopped it anyways. I asked the ref afterwards and he said that he didn’t want my arm broken. I can understand the fighters safety is paramount but if my arm has turned (thumb not facing upwards) and also no face showing no signs of pain, surely the ref should ask if I want to continue or just let it carry on?

    As you can imagine, i am bitter about the decision as i would have wanted to have finished the fight and let the judges decide on who won the fight.

    As always, i respected his decision and i have a ton of respect for what you guys do. But, sometimes a bad call has been made and i think i might be on the wrong end of one.

    Any views?
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    Not every ref or even fighter is a jiu jitsu competitor or knows the intricate details about application of a certain move. He probably saw you wernt escaping it as you said your turn failed...and he probably saw 1 man pulling vigorously and your arm in an awkward spot. Plus with so many shows everywhere now the truth is a lot of "refs" aren't exactly experience refs.....heres one example without no names...I fought on a show id fought on before, great friendly people well run show but the ref hmmm..... i lost to triangle choke midway 2nd round....I was kicked in the face which went into my eye and i could not see whilst in his guard working....i turned to the ref because i could not see and he saw the kick hit me.....the lad put me in a triangle and continued fighting with his corner telling him too while i was looking the other way at the ref with 1 hand over my eye....once deep in the choke the ref said...."accidental kick, continue" when i'm in a now posture down fully locked triangle where i had no resetting of the position or giving me time to recover... I found this outrageous in honest losing in this way after i was winning both rounds.... but unfortunately in amateur mma in uk you just have to roll with it.....when you hit the professional ranks then it's worth getting sore about... i feel your pain and upset but it's common place mate.

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