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Thread: Is Amateur MMA actually MMA ?

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    I agree that amateur no head-shots rules are good to get experience; just like bjj comps, amateur or pro boxing bouts, Thai interclubs etc... all give good experience. -

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    Default am mma

    I think if we stick to what mma means (martial arts mix)
    amateur is mma with special rules, same happens with grappling wich hs different rules based on different organizations or tournaments (example, adcc, FILA, etc etc etc:they all have different rules but we call it grappling).
    any combat sport involving the use of different "arts from mars" (wrestling,throws, strikes,grappling, submission) it is MMA indeed.

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    The no headshot fights should be done at interclubs, not a promotion that charges 25 quid a ticket, poor spectacle.
    Plus it doesn't teach guys to be 'proper' with their striking technique because they don't have the element of fear that comes with the anticipation of getting hit in the head. Guys with 3 months training jump into amateur fights, learn nothing, and miss out fundamentals.
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    Thank you for y our replies, been away so didn't get the chance to check back.

    I gotta say i agree with a lot that's been said from both sides.

    From a promotional point of view - i certainly do not think that Amateur MMA rules w/No head-shots should be put on shows that are charging 20-30 a ticket as i feel it is indeed conning the audience who are expecting to see "UFC stuff" that they see on the TV.

    I feel that the no head-shots rules do have a place somewhere and yes it does give athletes the experience of testing their techniques in live situations, though i would like to simply see it rebranded. As someone said above 'Combat Grappling' does sound good and describe it as it is. However we all know why promoters like to call it MMA, it simply sells.

    So in conclusion:
    Yes, there is a place for amateur rules mma without head-shots
    But, it would be good to see it 're-branded' in order to attract casual fans to mma shows
    Promoters need to stop padding out shows with amateurs & semi-pro bouts just to keep costs down and ticket sales up

    How about an 'Amateur Rules Only' or 'Semi-pro Rules' only shows? These make much more sense in allowing a stepping stone for fighters to progress to the pro ranks on a pro event?

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    In the US ammy fighters are classified more by financial status.. for example in Texas an ammy fighter
    can accept no money for fighting, although expenses or items can be paid the moment you accept
    one penny you are a pro fighter... ammy rules only differ in no reinforced knees to head (knees to head are fine)
    and no elbows... otherwise its the same rules. We dont have no headshots. Also because of the licensing boards
    its very expensive to put on a show and theres a lot of red tape, most promotions fold as a result although theres
    always someone who thinks they can make money willing to try..

    So amateur here really means amateur not no head shots..

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    And that is the way it should be Sly Fox!! The UK loves to classify things and make watered down divisions for all martial arts based combat sports for some unknown reason... Thank you for the comment.

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