He got the win after "being flung around like a wet towel" by David Round at BAMMA 8, and now Colin Fletcher returns to BAMMA as he meets UK number ten Jason Ball.

He's quite clearly excited to take on a fighter he admires, and promises a great tussle between the two.


"I love Jason Ball, heís a fantastic fighter. Iíve watched him fight for years. Iím over the moon to be across the cage from him to be honest. I canít wait to get his gloves pressed upon my nose.

"Iím not going to have a gameplan. Iím going to come out, let him punch me, Iíll punch him back and weíll see what happens. To be fair, Iím just gonna have a fight with him. Itís MMA, anything can happen. I donít really focus too much on my opponents, just go in there have some fun, have a good frisk and itíll all come out in the wash."
On a slightly more sinster note, he left us with this:

"All Iíll say is, if you liked the freak tricycle, wait until you see my petsÖ"
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