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Thread: Post exercise nutrition/ stalled progress

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    Looking for a bit of advice as I've hit a bit of a wall in my training. I use a recovery drink after every training session. I definitely feel the benefits of it and it's got the supposedly ideal 4-1 carbs to protein ratio.

    My typical week looks like this:

    Monday - 2 hours Muay Thai

    Tuesday - 1 hour weights session in the morning, 1 hour of MMA in the evening

    Wednesday - 1 hour bodyweight session

    Thursday - 1 hour weights session in the morning, 1 hour of boxing in the evening

    Friday - 1 hour of spin in the morning, 1 hour strength and conditioning in the evening

    Saturday - 1 hour of cardio, 1 hour of strength and conditioning

    Sunday - rest day

    After every one of those sessions I'm having the recovery drink. I'm trying to cut weight at the moment. I've dropped about 25lbs and I'm sitting at 185lbs but I've been stuck there for a couple of weeks. Bodyfat is measured using scales and I'm aware of the innacuracies of them but I keep the "test" conditions consistent. My bodyfat is down from 30% to 22%.

    My diet is clean (low GI) & I'm eating every two hours with a small meal of around 200 calories. Water intake is around 3 litres per day. Typical day looks like:

    8am - 3 eggs plus veg

    10am - Protein shake

    12pm - Chicken salad

    2pm - Mixed veg

    4pm - Protein shake

    6pm - Chicken/ fish plus 2 portions of veg

    8pm - Recovery drink

    I also have 1 cheat day per week

    I'm trying to pinpoint why my progress has stalled and the only thing I have concerns over is my post workout nutrition. For the high cardio sessions I guess the the high carb recovery drink makes sense to replace the glycogen, but for the less intense, strength focussed should I be having a purely protein based recovery meal or drink?

    Any other pointers as to where i may be going wrong?

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    How often are you masterbating?

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    Hourly. Sometimes half hourly

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    Try using alternating hands, build both forearms evenly

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