Looking for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing or BJJ Trainers in the UK


My brother and I have opened a fight club/Gym in India (Bangalore) and searching for trainers for the above mentioned martial arts to teach the locals there. We are in need of trainers on a contract basis. These martial arts are in popular demand.

The salary package is as follows:
US$1400 per month plus flight tickets, accomodation and food. (negotiable)

We are looking for approximate 3 or 4 trainers around the age from twienties with good portfolio.

This is a good oppotunity for any trainers out there for a paid get away in a beautiful city and work what they love doing on a daily basis. All gym and training equipmemt are already in the club.

PLease send the word around and contact me via my inbox or email (nato72@yahoo.com) if you need more information. Photo CV/portfolio needed for selection purposes.

Thanks very Much