Rumble on the Rock VI - Enter the Colosseum. October 27th
Fort Regent - Jersey

(TBC are seeking opponents - please pm if interested)


Amateur (no gnp) debuts:
88-90kg Steve Mimms vs TBC
68-70kg Carl Williamson vs TBC

61kg (GBCI) Michael Gala vs Scott Dunscombe (Optimum)
70kg (GBCI) Karol Szymanski vs Sam Reed (Silverback)
70kg (GBCI) Michal Skowron vs Russ Peacock (Silverback)
80kg (GBCI) Marty Blandin vs Craig Dix (Optimum)
59kg (CG) Lee Coville vs Mike Willis (Silverback) TBC

Also seeking pros at 63kg and 93kg and k1 at 86-90kg

All flights provided to Jersey on Friday 26th Oct to Sunday 28th. Weigh ins Friday evening
IMAG0164.jpg (fights take place under the white dome)
Show is filmed for UK and USA broadcast

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