Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible.

To the referees who all did a sterling job.
Donal Carmody
Kev Capel
Kev Cox
Nathan Roberts
Pippa Granger
Rob Taylor

A HUGE thank you to my Combat Academy team of helpers, not only the adults who train at the club, but also some of the parents and even a couple of the juniors who helped out. Without you the event would not happen.

Thank you to all of the competitors (our customers) who come back time and time again to support our events, and to all the first timers, we hope you all enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing you again.

Results can be found here

Thank you to our sponsors Tatami Fightwear Meerkatsu (Seymour Yang) and Connection Rio

Our next event takes place on Sunday June 24 and is for Adults and Seniors, all belts.

Full details and online registration here with free entry for Brown and Black Belts.