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Thread: What advice/rules should the referee go through before the fight card?

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    Default What advice/rules should the referee go through before the fight card?

    What Advice/rules should the referee specifically go through when talking to all the fighters before the fight card starts?

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    There are various things to cover, all professional fighters under the unified rules should know the rules already, in that case it is going over the major sticking points to clarify, such as the definition of say, downward elbows or downed opponents, just to be clear. Any professional fighter not knowing the rules should not be fighting under professional rules.
    Amateur events and smaller events usualy there is more actual explanation of the rules as they vary from event to event at the moment. Hopefully in time there will only be Pro rules and 1 set of amateur rules, this will be much better for everyone.
    Fighters should be allowed to ask questions about rules, handwraps etc etc if they are not sure and the Referee should also talk about procedure/behaviour of the fighters and cornerteams. There should be mention of restrictions on the use of vaseline, padding etc.
    This is only a basic overview, did you have any specefic part/s of the Referee's talk in mind you wanted more information on?
    Professional MMA Referee

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    Hi Neil,

    No you have answered most part of my question but just wanted to know more about refs telling fighters about fouls, does a fouled fighter always have 5 mins to recover, for instance if somebody gets poked in the eye accidently do they get 5 mins to recover just like a groin shot?


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