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Thread: hunting for a club

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    Default hunting for a club

    I have had a few threads asking about clubs and have both enjoyed them. But I was moving around a bit with working in Motorsport (industry in and out of jobs)

    But now in a stable job for atleast 3 years located in Cheshire.

    I am looking for very good clubs offering a number of martial arts with a good reputation and not just after the money as those sorts are around it seems.

    I'm looking to train in Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Krav Maga and Grappling/BJJ.

    Competing is always good also. But, I can only compete where I wont be taking blows to the head as insurance wont cover me due to having a serious head injury which took me out of training for atleast 12 months! So competing for me is only in things like BJJ/Grappling or no head contact Kung Fu lets say.

    All help would be much appreciated.

    I've found Ultimate Martial Arts Crewe and Total Urban (But don't know much about these clubs)

    Help is grateful.


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    where abouts in cheshire are you pal

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    Hi there The Moss... Sorry haven't replied. Been very busy in my line of work.

    I am located in Northwich.

    Wanting to Train in BJJ/Submission Wrestling(Grappling), Kickboxing (Again) and Freestyle Wrestling.

    I have Freestyle Wrestling covered as I will do this at BOWC where my father used to wrestle for in the Under 21s 1st British Team.

    Just help on the other places. I want some where who has reputation and not some where that sort of is after the money side of things etc... As I have seen places like that.

    I have found Voodoo Gym but don't know much about it.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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