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    Is anyone on here a veggie or vegan?

    I am writing an article for my college journalism course. The article is an analysis of the benefits of a veggie diet from a health perspective and would like to know why you gave up meat?

    on the other hand I also want to know why people would be against the idea of giving up meat?
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    I gave up meat because I couldn't walk for days afterwards.

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    I don't eat meat, I gave up because I couldn't justify animals being battery farmed and being held in horrendous conditions so I could eat a burger.

    I haven't eaten meat in 15 years, don't plan on it ever again.
    Also don't give a shit if people do, my decision was a personal one and I wouldn't expect any one else to feel the same or ever try and push my opinions on other people.

    As far as health benefits, well it's been a long time since eating meat so I don't reall have a good comparison but I train 4-5 days a week and I never feel any weaker or have less of a gass tank than any of the other boys.

    Also I find being a vegeterian I look at a far more well rounded diet and look for different foods rather than going home to the same grilled chicken and sweet potato every night and thinking that's the be all and end all of nutrition (although I do love sweet potato)

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    Might be aabit late, but im a vegetarian.
    Almost a vegan but its hard to avoid milk in brew
    Only been vegetarin about half a year, but a year before i did become true to my feelings , i would eat meat rarely,like once a month only when it was cooked and prepared for me and Turing it down id look a cunt and waste it.

    I don't eat meat because of health reasons. I feel like im consuming bad vibes. as well as all the bullshit , hormones and other weird chemicals farmers will use.
    Maybe im losing my manly-ness, but a limb on my plate isn't as cool as it used to be.

    Instead i eat alot of quinoa, nuts, seeds and, lentils, different kinds of beans and grains. the usual i guess.
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    I am eating veggies nowadays especially green veggies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRyder View Post
    I am eating veggies nowadays especially green veggies.
    Fucking lol.

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    I eat meat as much as possible. Vegetarians eat plants.

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