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Thread: You are the Dictator of the newly formed UK MMA Governing body

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    Default You are the Dictator of the newly formed UK MMA Governing body

    What are your top 5 priorities/rules?

    Let the games begin!!!
    MMA Officials London, Essex and East Anglia representative

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    OK I'll go first. Some of these will be serious some not so...

    1 - Shows must be called MMA and not Cage Fighting. Shows advertising 'Cage Fighting' will be shot and/or burned to the ground
    2 - Shows must include a commentary team that consists of a current/retired fighter, an impartial commentator and an experienced television commentator
    3 - Fighters will be matched to similar ability & experience (the 'Ian Dean')
    4 - Gurning, gratuitous nudity and general chav-ness is prohibited
    5 - All refs, judges and officials must be recognized by and adhere to the rules and guidelines of the UKMMA Governing body.
    MMA Officials London, Essex and East Anglia representative

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    1) Follow the true unified rules for pro and am, and ban all so called amateur with no head-shots as well as semi pro rules from being labelled MMA.

    2) Recognise only 'ONE' championship title from area/regional to National, though promoters could still use their own mickey mouse titles, they'd have to follow strict guidelines as laid out by the UKMMA-Governing Body

    3) Create guidelines in respect of the whole technical process of running events from minimum cage sizes/medical staff/weigh in process/ using legitimate officials.

    4) Officials/fighters/promoters would have to register with the UKMMA-GB

    5) Medical suspensions for KO/TKO's fighters as they do in boxing and kickboxing.

    I would pretty much run it in a similar way to the British Boxing Board of Control, which would involve a big PR campaign to get the media to recognise only legitimately sanctioned MMA events, thus preventing 'unlicensed' MMA events from getting media attention. This would be a good part of building the true professional fighter's images and getting them recognised in the public.

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    1)Appoint somebody more diplomatic than I before I tell all the shitheads to kiss my arse and ban them from the sport for life.

    2)Clear my desk.


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    1. Ensure that promotions operate in the "interests of the sport".

    2. Ensure that all referees, judges and other officials are generally capable and responsible.

    3. Ensure that fighters are paid/treated in a fair manner and that contractual obligations are honoured.

    4. Ensure that adequate procedures are in place to protect fighters health.

    5. Develop and action a campaign with a view to progressing the sport domestically and building a positive image of the sport to the general public.

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