2 hours of instruction from BJJ black belt Andreh Anderson.
Loads of sweeps, and variations (if opponent defends). Very good instruction.
Also a few chokes thrown in at the end as a bonus.
9 inc P&P.

Benefits of the Closed Guard
How to effortlessly maintain the closed guard
Hip movement in the closed guard
Hip movement drills
Hip movement drill with a resisting partner
Taking initiative
The Rey Diogo Sweep
Rey Diogo Sweep variation
Rey Sweep to armbar
Knee in tailbone sweep
Pendulum sweep
Pendulum sweep angle change (when opponent defends)
Pendulum sweep to armlock
Pendulum sweep to reverse sweep
Hip bump sweep
Hip bump sweep variation
Hip bump sweep to switch
2 on 1 to the back
2 on 1 to the mount
2 on 1 sweep
2 on 1 choke
2 on 1 to armlock
2 on 1 to De la Riva sweep
2 on 1 to De la Riva to back
Sweep against standing opponent (hooking the ankle)
Omoplata sweep
Basic sweep against opponent grabbing lapels
Bus driver sweep
Sweep to mount against standing opponent